Posted: December 14, 2016
Last modified: January 19, 2017

1 Replacing the loop-shaped exit ramp from westbound I-4 to Ivanhoe Boulevard with a long, straight ramp.
2 Adding frontage road extending from westbound I-4 exit ramp at Ivanhoe Boulevard to Colonial Drive (S.R. 50) interchange.
3 Adding exit ramp from westbound I-4 Express Lanes to Ivanhoe Boulevard.
4 Adding an acceleration lane on eastbound I-4 from Colonial Drive (S.R. 50)/Garland Avenue. to Princeton Street improves the capacity of the I-4 general use lanes.
5 Reconfiguring and lengthening the entrance ramp from Magnolia Avenue to eastbound I-4
6 Adding direct ramp entrance to eastbound I-4 Express Lanes from Magnolia Avenue. Reconfiguring and lengthening the entrance ramp from Magnolia Avenue to eastbound I-4.


Some of the most drastic improvements are being made in the downtown area, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that other areas aren’t receiving similar attention.

Interstate 4 (I-4) passes through the area surrounding Ivanhoe Boulevard, the gateway to downtown Orlando. The I-4 Ultimate project aims to improve access and reduce congestion through the area so Central Florida motorists can reach their destinations safely.

The westbound I-4 exit loop ramp at the Ivanhoe interchange will be replaced with a longer and straighter ramp. This will make merging onto Ivanhoe Boulevard easier and safer for drivers.

Drivers may also enjoy direct connect ramps from the I-4 Express Lanes to and from Ivanhoe Boulevard. Decorative pylons at Ivanhoe and throughout the project will be dispersed adjacent to the interstate, and will signify where drivers may enter or exit Express Lanes.

Additionally, an eastbound I-4 acceleration lane from Colonial Drive (State Road 50) through the Ivanhoe interchange is being constructed to allow for greater capacity in the general use lanes.

A frontage road from Ivanhoe Boulevard will improve traffic flow between the interchange and the Colonial Drive interchange.

Together, all of these changes will help accommodate more vehicles entering eastbound and westbound I-4.

“We understand that the Ivanhoe interchange is a unique area, and it requires attention to detail,” said Loreen Bobo, P.E., I-4 Ultimate Construction Program Manager. “At the end of the project, drivers can expect their drive through Ivanhoe to be less congested and much safer.”

To see the upcoming improvements at the Ivanhoe Boulevard interchange and other interchanges along the 21-mile project, visit

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