i-4 Ultimate

July 2018

* New Traffic Pattern at Wymore Road-Douglas Avenue
and S.R. 436 Intersection
* S.R. 408 Closing Nights of July 20 & 21
* Orlando Firefighters Participate in Rescue Drill on I-4 Flyover Ramp
* I-4 Ultimate Illuminating the Path Forward with New Lighting Features
* 2017 I-4 Ultimate Year in Review Available for Download

New Traffic Pattern at Wymore Road-Douglas Avenue and S.R. 436 Intersection

As soon as July 28, 2018, traffic on Wymore Road and Douglas Ave. will no longer be able to cross S.R. 436.

To improve traffic flow at the State Road (S.R.) 436 and Interstate 4 (I-4) interchange nearby roads and traffic movements must shift.

As soon as Saturday, July 28, 2018, a new traffic movement will be in place to prepare for the final configuration of the S.R. 436 interchange. The change means traffic will no longer be able to cross S.R. 436 between Wymore Road and Douglas Avenue.

Wymore Road and Douglas Avenue will become right-in, right-out only from S.R. 436. Pedestrians and right-in and right-out traffic will still be guided by the existing traffic signal. Once the S.R. 436 interchange is completed and the pedestrian tunnel opened, the traffic signal at S.R. 436 and Wymore Road/Douglas Avenue will be removed to provide more capacity for vehicles accessing I-4 and to improve traffic flow.

Lanes on Westmonte Drive also will be added or widened to accommodate the additional volume of motorists using the roadway. Construction on these roadways began in 2017 in anticipation of motorists using this new traffic movement. The signals throughout these roadways will be adjusted and timed to accommodate the additional capacity.

The final configuration of S.R. 436 will function as a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI). This type of interchange helps efficiently move large traffic volumes through an intersection with limited space. The SPUI at S.R. 436 will allow opposing left turns to proceed simultaneously in one single intersection over I-4.

For more information about the new traffic pattern at the Wymore Road-Douglas Avenue and S.R. 436 intersection, visit i4Ultimate.com/douglaswymore.


S.R. 408 Closing Nights of July 20 & 21


The I-4 Ultimate team has made significant progress this month in constructing new flyover ramps at the Interstate 4 (I-4) and State Road (S.R.) 408 interchange.

A series of nighttime traffic-pacing operations and eastbound S.R. 408 closures have provided a safe work zone for crews to continue building Bridge 227, which crosses over S.R. 408. When completed, the new flyover ramp will connect eastbound I-4 to westbound S.R. 408.

Several more closures at the I-4 and S.R. 408 interchange are scheduled for this week. Both eastbound and westbound S.R. 408 at I-4 close at 10 p.m. the nights of July 20 and 21 and reopen the following mornings at 6 a.m.

To accommodate the closures, multiple roadway and ramp closures will precede the full closures of S.R. 408. These will start as early as 10 p.m. and lasting through 6 a.m. the following morning. Division Avenue from Anderson Street to Gore Street, the westbound S.R. 408 entrance ramp from Division Avenue and the S.R. 408 entrance ramps from I-4 will close in conjunction with the S.R. 408 closures each night. The S.R. 408 exit ramps to I-4 will remain open.

To view or download a handout detailing the July 20 and 21 eastbound and westbound S.R. 408 closures and detours, please visit: https://fdot.tips/wb408.

Modifications or extensions to this schedule may become necessary due to weather delays or other unforeseen conditions. Motorists are advised to maintain a safe speed when driving through the work zone.

The I-4 Ultimate Project has several avenues for motorists to learn about upcoming nighttime closures on S.R. 408:

  • Sign up for the I-4 Ultimate Advance Construction Alert System to receive text or email alerts about lane, ramp or road closures.
  • Follow @i4Ultimate on Twitter to see weekly closures and detours planned on the corridor.
  • Subscribe to I-4 Ultimate newsfeed to learn about upcoming major construction activities by subscribing directly to the website’s newsfeed to receive an email when news is posted online.

Orlando Firefighters Participate in Rescue Drill on I-4 Flyover Ramp


To preserve high standards of safety and develop a spirit of teamwork, members of the I-4 Ultimate project helped support a rescue drill run by the Orlando Fire Department (OFD).

The event was part of an effort by OFD firefighters with support from SGL – the joint construction venture of Skanska, Granite and Lane on the I-4 Ultimate project. The goal is to be prepared should it ever become necessary to perform a rescue on a flyover ramp or bridge that is under construction.

First responders practiced dealing with the confined working conditions that can occur during the construction of a flyover ramp. At times, laborers may be inside a work space located between the top and bottom of the elevated roadway.

During the rescue drill on an I-4 ramp in downtown Orlando, OFD used a firetruck with a ladder-and-bucket to rescue a mannequin from one of the confined spaces. OFD summed up the practice drill:

“In an effort to keep our community safe, the Orlando Fire Department remains committed to consistent safety training scenarios and drills. Rescue training provides our personnel with valuable skills in the event should an incident involving a bridge occur. This partnership allows for firefighter rescue tactics to be practiced under realistic conditions while still in a controlled environment.”


I-4 Ultimate Illuminating the Path Forward with New Lighting Features


In addition to reconstructing the roadway, the I-4 Ultimate project is improving the motorist experience by installing new lighting features throughout the project limits.

The new lights are LEDs, and they are designed to be more energy efficient, easier to maintain or repair and cover a greater area than existing lights.

There will be 2,519 lighting fixtures towering 40 to 45 feet above the mainline interstate and ramps with hundreds more on secondary and arterial roadways.

The lighting design and placement aims to provide a steady level of illumination for motorists and an even distribution of light over the roadway.

Spillover of roadway lighting will be nominal, ensuring the light stays on the mainline and ramps and not onto adjacent properties.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights save a significant amount of energy. They may use at least 75 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lights. LED lights also operate at a cooler temperature, so they preserve and use that energy rather than burning it as heat.

There are 26 variations of poles, which include differences in height and overhang. Height and overhang depend on where the pole is placed and how far the light should spread out or be concentrated.

Each lighting fixture has either four or six lighting modules, which determine its brightness and coverage

The mainline generally will have six-module light panels with a 315-watt output while the ramps to and from the interstate will have four-module light panels with a 213-watt output.

Permanent lighting is operational in certain portions of the project such as near the Grand National Drive overpass and along westbound Interstate 4 (I-4) near the Michigan Street interchange.


2017 I-4 Ultimate Year in Review Available for Download


The past year brought significant progress for the I-4 Ultimate project along with noticeable changes for Interstate 4 (I-4) motorists.

Our 2017 Year in Review gives readers a more in-depth dive into aspects of the project across 13 colorful pages. The booklet, which also is available online, highlights the most impactful improvements, details milestones and has plenty of exclusive project photos.

Each page gives in-depth information on the milestones of 2017 and various parts of the project such as progress in the four different construction areas, the big machines of I-4, pedestrian improvements and environmental conservation efforts.  

The booklet is available to view, download or share at https://fdot.tips/2017.

If you or your organization would like to request hard copies of the 2017 Year in Review, please send a request including your address, number of booklets and point of contact to info@I4ultimate.com.