i-4 Ultimate

July 2019

* Construction of Redesigned Maitland Pedestrian Bridge Progresses
* Learn about I-4 Express Lanes with New Downloadable Brochure
* Now Ready for Download: the 2018 Year in Review of I‑4 Ultimate and Beyond
* I-4 Ultimate Project Hosts Boys & Girls Clubs for Field Trip
* Employee Spotlight: Lourdes Aldave

Construction of Redesigned Maitland Pedestrian Bridge Progresses


As part of the I-4 Ultimate project, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is constructing a newly designed pedestrian bridge over Interstate 4 (I-4) in Maitland.

The bridge connects existing sidewalks along Wymore Road and Lake Destiny Drive, providing a safe, 12-foot-wide walkway over the interstate. Benches and bike racks on both sides of the bridge give bicyclists and pedestrians space to rest overlooking the interstate.

The new design is accentuated by a blue wave of fencing and white letters spelling out Maitland, greeting eastbound I-4 motorists. A Maitland sign also will be constructed on the westbound Maitland Boulevard bridge facing westbound I-4 traffic. The letters will be backlit at night.

Near the center of the bridge, pylons stretch 45 feet into the sky, highlighted by inlaid color-changing LED rings and topped by glass lanterns. City of Maitland seals facing I-4 at the end of the walkways to the bridge and robust landscaping give prominence to this signature gateway.

This newly modified design significantly mitigates motorist delays by reducing the number of lane and road closures. It also lessens the impact to the construction schedule.

The bridge is anticipated to be complete in 2021. Please visit i4ultimate.com/MaitlandBridge to view additional renderings of the final design.


Learn about I-4 Express Lanes with New Downloadable Brochure


As part of the effort to improve safety and mobility while providing motorists with reliable travel times, the I-4 Ultimate Project will offer drivers the choice of using dynamically tolled express lanes.

The finished I-4 Ultimate corridor will maintain the current number of six general-use lanes on Interstate 4 (I-4) and add four express lanes (two in each direction). In order to manage congestion, pricing for the toll lanes will increase and decrease based on traffic congestion in the express lanes.

Although new to Central Florida, dynamically priced express lanes already are in use in Florida and around the nation. They are designed to be safe and simple to use on I-4. Electronic signs will display current pricing, and drivers will have several places to enter and exit the express lanes. Their use is strictly voluntary and provides a travel alternative, especially during peak traffic times.

The information in the brochure includes how to use the express lanes, how and where to enter and exit, and what vehicles will be allowed to use them. To download a copy, click here.


Now Ready for Download: the 2018 Year in Review of I-4 Ultimate and Beyond


For the first time since publication began in 2016, the official booklet that reviews progress on Interstate 4 (I-4) construction in Central Florida will include details on two very large projects – I-4 Ultimate and I-4 Beyond the Ultimate.

Appropriately titled, “Above & Beyond,” this year’s edition covers much territory, including major construction work organized by geographical location, milestones already accomplished, and ongoing efforts to keep the public informed of upcoming changes via instant electronic updates and multiple informational open houses.

With two projects to document, it’s no surprise that this most recent edition is the largest yet at 32 pages. It also features many striking photos of construction as it progresses and the people who do the work that improves safety and mobility on I-4.

Year in Review booklets are part of an overall effort by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to keep the public informed and to thank drivers for their continued patience and commitment to safety while work continues on the new corridor that will support the economy, lifestyle, and increased connectivity of the Central Florida region.

This is the fourth edition of the annual Year in Review. To download current and past copies, please visit here.


I-4 Ultimate Project Hosts Boys & Girls Clubs for Field Trip


Children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida learned that it takes more than knowing righty-tighty and lefty-loosey – the fun way to remember how to turn screws and bolts – when it comes to construction on Interstate 4 (I-4).

Nearly 200 elementary and middle schoolers from the Joe R. Lee Branch of Eatonville and the Levy-Hughes Clubhouse of Parramore visited the I-4 Ultimate Hub office in Maitland for two consecutive Fridays in July. Upon arrival, young students visited different educational modules, where they met people involved with the project from construction workers to engineers to traffic reporters.

The inquisitive youngsters first learned the importance of safety from employees of SGL (the construction joint venture team of Skanska, Granite, and Lane for the I-4 Ultimate project).

Students found out why everyone must wear personal protection equipment (PPE) on construction sites. Hard hats protect workers’ heads, and the neck flaps protect their skin from the sun. Bright, “loud” clothing makes the wearers visible to other workers. Glasses and earplugs protect their eyes from debris and ears from loud noises, while gloves and steel-toed boots protect them from injuring their hands and feet.

Visitng students had an opportunity to wear the safety PPE, and they saw construction workers wearing the same gear while walking alongside beeping construction machines near the site of the Maitland pedestrian bridge. Additional cranes and front-end loaders were stationed at the Hub’s parking lot, and children watched in awe as the heavy-equipment operator rolled the machinery forward, backward, and then swung it around.

Trucks and equipment used to keep workers and motorists safe on I-4 also were on-site. Children watched the maintenance of traffic (MOT) truck unfold its large, rear-mounted attenuator that protects workers from collisions. They also browsed through tools that Road Rangers store in their trucks to help stranded motorists.

Children learned that they also have the power to make roads safer. Alert Today Florida shared bike and pedestrian safety tips. Though the children swayed and giggled when wearing special goggles that alter perception, they learned how being under the influence of drugs or alcohol affects motor skills. An officer from the Maitland Police Department spoke about how they keep the community safe before letting the kids peek inside the cruiser.

The students also learned about the project’s public information efforts. They scored some on-air interview tips from Racquel Asa, WFTV-Channel 9’s traffic reporter, and watched their interviews with David Parks, I-4 Ultimate Community Outreach Specialist, unfold on television.


Employee Spotlight: Lourdes Aldave
Project Administrator

Working behind the scenes, Lourdes Aldave is one of the many essential people, who help keep the huge I-4 Ultimate construction project moving forward, even if they don’t work directly on the roadway.

As she supports the legal, commercial, Maintenance of Traffic, and Document Control teams, Aldave enjoys her wide-ranging work for the 21-mile project to improve Interstate 4 (I-4) in Central Florida.

“What I love most about construction is the challenge, because each project is different and has its particular circumstances that make them unique,” said Aldave, who is a Project Administrator. “For me, each project constitutes a challenge to raise oneself to a different level and offers an opportunity to learn new things.”

Through her duties, Aldave gained a sense of the enormity of the project and its impact on the future of the region. “Knowing that I am a part of such a big team, making such a big effort and all of us working together, makes me proud and also humbles me, especially to know that I am contributing to our city’s betterment for years to come.”

She also contributes to the quality of life in Central Florida by organizing volunteer activities twice a year in which volunteers prepare lunch bags and then hand them out to the homeless.

When she’s not on the job, Aldave, who comes from Lima, Peru, loves spending time with her 12-year-old son, as well as singing and performing with Central Florida Community Arts. She also practices yoga and rides her bike.