Posted: April 12, 2019
Last modified: April 16, 2019

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The eastbound Interstate 4 (I-4) exit to South Street is temporarily combining with the exit ramp to State Road (S.R.) 408 as soon as the morning of Thursday, April 18.

Due to unforeseen circumstances this operation has been rescheduled for Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. The temporary configuration will move the eastbound I-4 exit to South Street (Exit 82B) approximately one-quarter mile and combine it with the eastbound I-4 exit to S.R. 408 (Exit 82A). The exit ramp will consist of two lanes with the right lane continuing to South Street and the left lane heading toward S.R. 408.

This temporary ramp configuration will be in place for approximately 18 months, giving construction crews a safe workspace to demolish the old bridge over Division Avenue that the ramp will no longer use. The temporary ramp configuration also is necessary to continue construction of the new eastbound I-4 travel lanes through downtown Orlando.

Additional resources, including a handout detailing alternate routes, are available at

Modifications or extensions to these schedule may become necessary due to weather delays or other unforeseen conditions. Motorists are advised to maintain a safe speed when driving through the work zone.


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Via @I4Ultimate: The EB I-4 exit ramp to South St. (Exit 82B) will be combining with the exit to S.R. 408 (Exit 82A) as soon as the morning of April 18. Please see below for more information:

Via @I4Ultimate: EB I-4 motorists seeking to head to downtown Orlando via Exit 82B must exit one-quarter mile sooner as soon as the morning of April 18 as part of a temporary ramp configuration. Please see below for details: