Posted: January 12, 2021
Last modified: June 2, 2021

The Colonial Drive (State Road 50) interchange looks much different today than when construction began on the I-4 Ultimate project.

In June 2020, the westbound Interstate 4 (I-4) exit ramp to Colonial Drive (Exit 84) and the westbound I-4 entrance ramp from Colonial Drive shifted into their final alignments.

Gone are the antiquated interchange with looping ramps, requiring drivers to pass through multiple traffic signals. In December, the entire interchange also was shifted into its final configuration as a single point urban interchange (SPUI). This design reduces motorist wait time for a green light and improves traffic flow in all directions. A single traffic signal located under I-4 will control all traffic movements through the interchange.

The SPUI is well suited for this location, meeting today’s engineering standards and tomorrow’s needs, with the ability to handle more than 10,000 vehicles through the interchange per hour. The newly reconstructed westbound interchange ramps allowed for the removal of concrete piles out of Lake Concord which were necessary to support the outdated loop.

A comparison of a preconstruction aerial photo and final improvement rendering for the S.R. 50/I-4 interchange is available for download here.

Traffic traveling the westbound I-4 exit to Colonial also will be combined with traffic entering I-4 from Ivanhoe Boulevard. Ivanhoe Boulevard motorists will drive across Colonial Drive before entering westbound I-4.

To learn more about the new movement at Colonial Drive and other improvements at the interchange, visit the “What’s a SPUI?” page.

As more areas of the project shift into new configurations, it is important for motorists to pay extra attention to signage as familiar routes may have changed. Drivers should avoid distractions, adjust their speed, and allow plenty of extra time to navigate the I-4 Ultimate work zone.

Motorists are encouraged to follow @I4Ultimate on Twitter or visit for updates.