Posted: September 8, 2017
Last modified: September 8, 2017

As the hurricane Irma moves towards Central Florida, the I-4 Ultimate team has put its emergency preparation plans into action.

The Florida Department of Transportation has given orders to secure the jobsite.  The project team is following approved procedures to secure or remove traffic barrels, barricades, temporary signage and any other items that strong winds can carry off. Workers have lowered overhead lights on high-mast poles and crane booms along the corridor. Equipment and materials is being moved or secured in place.

SGL – the construction joint venture of Skanska, Granite and Lane – has taken steps to ensure project staff remains safe. Some of the first preparations included stocking up on emergency supplies and making sure that SGL equipment such as trucks, excavators, bulldozers and portable pumps and generators are fueled and working properly.

After the storm, the team will inspect the site for damage, begin safe cleanup activities and then gets back to its regular work schedule on the 21-mile project as soon as possible.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles also has information and links for those who want to make sure their own severe weather plans are up-to-date.