Posted: November 1, 2016
Last modified: January 19, 2017

It makes sense that a project with 15 distinct interchanges connecting unique Central Florida communities has an equally diverse team working on it.

SGL Constructors, the design-build joint venture of Skanska, Granite and Lane for the I-4 Ultimate project, reiterated the importance of diversity and inclusion during the week of October 17.

Each morning during Diversity and Inclusion Week, workers on the project discussed different topics, such as the importance of varied backgrounds and cultures or how everyone can encourage inclusion. In addition to the morning discussions, teams across the project competed to see who could donate the most flu and cold medicines to give to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission.

Diversity and inclusion are crucial parts of SGL culture on the I-4 Ultimate project, said Jon Walker, construction project manager and equal employment opportunity officer.

“Inclusion is a when the richness of ideas, unique views and opinions are valued and encouraged,” he said. “That also means you contribute to a positive work environment, and don’t participate in any form of harassment. You also speak up and take action if you notice it in the workplace, too.”

The week provided everyone with an opportunity to appreciate what each team member brings to the workplace and job site, Walker said.

“The benefits are far-reaching,” he explained. “There’s better collaboration, more effective communication and increased job satisfaction.”

Rodney Renix, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise compliance manager, echoes Walker’s sentiment regarding the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

“Having a diverse group of subcontractors and suppliers is important because it allows us the opportunity to be a stronger team,” Renix said.

The team actively works on education and recruitment opportunities focusing on diversity. They participate in outreach events and conferences.

Renix, a Central Florida resident, isn’t just working on the I-4 Ultimate project; he’s working to improve his community.

“We don’t just have a project here,” he said. “We live here. Our friends and families are here. Each of us has the responsibility to help foster inclusion and diversity on the project and in our daily lives.”