... a will to build something grand.

Posted: May 18, 2017
Last modified: December 26, 2018

Daniel Haldi
Concrete Compliance Project Administrator
Resides: Daytona Beach

When Daniel Haldi turned 62, he retired from more than two decades of work with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). But his retirement only lasted for three months before he was back working in a field he still loves.

Haldi brings 45 years of experience and a lifetime of passion for rocks and minerals to the I-4 Ultimate project. As the Concrete Compliance Project Administrator for HNTB – the Construction Oversight Services consultant to FDOT, he oversees the use of concrete for the entire 21-mile stretch. From beginning to end, Haldi makes sure that the concrete being used is the right mix and combination of ingredients.

On this particular job there are about 60 different design mixes. “The design mixes are like the recipe for how to make the concrete,” Haldi explained. “The batch for the mix is dependent on the environment and application that it’s going into.” For example, concrete that’s going underground has a different makeup than concrete above ground.

During his off time, Haldi shares some of his passion by speaking at elementary schools, and showing his large personal collection of minerals. He even lets children take home samples at the end of his demonstration. He also has given presentations at Stetson University Gillespie Mineral Museum and Daytona Beach Museum of Arts & Science.

In addition to his passion for the materials he works with, Haldi loves working with the various people on the job. “There is a vast array of different people here from all over the world,” he said. Realizing that everyone adds something different based on their past experiences, he gladly shares his knowledge to help keep the project and the teams that build it at their best.

“Every project takes people, machinery and a will to build something grand.”