Posted: September 20, 2016
Last modified: December 26, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Yesenia Vazquez

Human Resources Administrator
Resident of Altamonte Springs

Growing up in a family where her father and other relatives worked in the construction business, Yesenia Vazquez sometimes tuned out all the shoptalk at family gatherings when she was younger. However, today, when she and father get together, she finds they have many stories and professional ideas to share.

Vazquez is a Human Resources Administrator, who helps recruit and hire skilled or “craft” workers for the I-4 Ultimate project. Her father, meanwhile, is staying busy in the road construction business in another part of the state on a completely unrelated project. But they marvel at all the experiences they have in common.

“It’s funny,” Vazquez said, “I’ve grown closer to my father through the business.” However, that’s just part of the reason she loves her work at the Recruitment and Training Center in Orlando, which is managed by SGL – the design-build joint venture of Skanska Granite and Lane for the I-4 Ultimate Project.

“I like people. I enjoy meeting them and advising them on how they can meet their goals and aspirations,” said Vazquez, who grew up in Ocala. And, indeed, the more she learns about people and the work they do, the more she can help them advance.

That makes for enjoyable workdays. “I never know who is going to come through the door,” Vazquez said. It might be a person with many years of experience and a resume; it might be someone who just wants a chance to learn a skill. Often there is a need for both.

Vazquez, who has an undergraduate degree from Florida State University and a master’s from the University of Scranton, said she loves finding ways for people to grow professionally.

If she could give job seekers a little advice, it would be that she really wants to hear what they have to say. The questions they ask help her know how to help them. “Bring a resume, if you have one, and be prepared to ask questions.”