The project team has held more than 20 events to get local, small businesses involved in I-4 Ultimate.

Posted: November 30, 2014
Last modified: January 19, 2017

Look beyond the simple fact that the I-4 Ultimate project will provide Central Florida’s major transportation artery a new lease on life. The major theme of this $2.3 billion investment is securing a sustainable economy for Central Florida well into the latter stages of the 21st century.

“From the minute the ink dried on the contract, Central Florida’s positive economic outlook changed dramatically,” said Jon Walker, I-4 Ultimate project manager. “I-4 is commonly referred to as the backbone of Central Florida’s transportation network. A better description is it’s the economic engine for thousands and thousands of jobs.”

From tourists visiting the region’s world-class theme parks to the groceries a Winter Park family purchases in the local supermarket, I-4 directly and indirectly impacts just about every industry in Central Florida. Efficient movement of goods, convenient mobility of the labor force and access to the communities and businesses that make Central Florida a renowned place to live, work and play are features of what the I-4 Ultimate project will secure for Central Florida’s future.

In addition to a brighter future for Central Florida’s economy, the large investment is paying immediate dividends for the local job market. With more than 300 designers working on the project full time right now, the injection of high-paying jobs has an amazing ripple effect throughout the community.

“The direct impact of new jobs and investments causes spending in the community to increase, which in turn creates additional rounds of job creation in the service and retail industries,” said Mike Gwynne, P.E., I-4 Ultimate resident engineer. “The region is getting a new I-4, but the construction process is only going to accelerate the state’s economic recovery.”