Posted: November 3, 2017
Last modified: November 3, 2017

State Road (S.R.) 436 serves as a major artery connecting retail spaces and residences throughout Altamonte Springs, and the I-4 Ultimate project aims to improve safety and traffic flow in the area.

One of its hallmark features will be the transformation of the S.R. 436 interchange into a single-point urban interchange (SPUI). A SPUI allows opposing left turns to proceed simultaneously in one single intersection over a free-flowing road, such as Interstate 4 (I-4). These configurations often are used to efficiently manage a high volume of traffic in dense urban environments.

I-4 Ultimate improvements in Altamonte Springs also will create direct access ramps to westbound I-4 and from eastbound I-4 Express Lanes at a new Central Parkway overpass.

Left turns to and from Douglas Avenue and Wymore Road will be eliminated along with the traffic signal at S.R. 436. The changes will help to promote traffic flow through the interchange. To accommodate motorists who previously would travel through that intersection, Westmonte Drive will be improved with additional turn lanes at S.R. 436 to handle the additional capacity. Right in and right out access for motorists will be maintained at Douglas Avenue and Wymore Road.

Pedestrians and bicyclists will benefit from the improvements at the interchange, too. Pedestrian access will be maintained via a tunnel underneath S.R. 436 between Wymore Road and I-4.

To view or download a handout detailing the improvements at S.R. 436 and the nearby roadways, please visit: