Express Lanes

I-4 Ultimate is funded through an innovative public-private partnership (P3). When completed, the Express Lanes will provide new commuter options on I-4.

Explore this section of the site to learn more about the Express Lanes and how they’re keeping traffic moving in other parts of the country.

I-4 Express Lanes

I-4 Express Lanes_1Two dynamic tolled Express Lanes in each direction on I-4 will provide more reliable travel times for Central Florida drivers and manage traffic efficiently. Pricing will increase or decrease depending on the number of vehicles using the Express Lanes. The tolls will be collected electronically, with automated signs notifying motorists of the cost, which drivers will lock in when entering the Express Lanes.

The Express Lanes will be separated by a concrete barrier and are designed to keep traffic moving around a steady 50 mph. Monumental pylons will be placed at each entry and exit point, adding a unique aesthetic feature to I-4. Direct-access ramps will link the I-4 Express Lanes with State Road 408 for a smooth transition.

So when time is more valuable than paying tolls, Express Lanes will serve as a convenient solution.

For more information about Express Lanes in Florida, read about existing and future projects in the state or visit floridaexpresslanes.com.