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Special Features

The goal of the I-4 Ultimate project is to create a signature corridor that connects communities, improves economies and enhances livability throughout the region. I-4 Ultimate is designed to improve the function of I-4 and highlight Central Florida’s rich history, community character and beautiful landscaping. Explore this section of the website to learn more about how this distinct and memorable design will reinforce mobility, enhance the driver’s experience, engage communities and maximize accessibility.


The I-4 Ultimate project is transforming Central Florida. Easing congestion is one of the primary goals of the project, but there are plenty of other exciting elements of the project:


More than 140 customized medallions will be placed throughout the I-4 Ultimate corridor. Large, round, and made of stone, the medallions will be located at interchanges, overpasses, and underpasses. Each city and county in the project corridor consulted with the I-4 Ultimate team to design the medallions for their area, which will commonly bear the municipality’s emblem and motto. Most of the medallions will be tan in color, but multicolored medallions are planned for Eatonville and the Maitland pedestrian bridge.



A variety of enhanced pylons will be seen throughout the I-4 corridor upon completion of the I-4 Ultimate Project. Some — such as those that are coming to Central Parkway, Ivanhoe Boulevard, and Grand National Drive — will include special lighting features and will indicate where direct connect express lanes ramps can be accessed. Other enhanced pylons will be part of localized beautification enhancements. These pylons will be placed on bridges at Michigan Street, through downtown Orlando, Princeton Street, and State Roads (S.R.) 436 and 434.


Bridge supports throughout the improved I-4 corridor will feature a variety of enhancements, including foliage planters, pylons, and decorative architecture. Some of the most dramatic improvements will be seen at Lake Ivanhoe, also called the “gateway to downtown,” Colonial Drive (S.R. 50), and downtown between Robinson Street and Amway Arena.

The bridge at Kennedy Boulevard will feature special messaging to honor the historic Town of Eatonville, the first self-governing, all-black municipality in the United States.


The I-4 Ultimate project will include roadway lighting, street lighting, signal pole lighting, under-bridge (or under-deck) lighting, landscape lighting, and aesthetic lighting.

Roadway lighting will include LED lights that vary in intensity depending on the area to be illuminated. The heads can be single or twin. The poles are mounted on pedestals, bridges, or barrier wall and are between 30 and 45 feet high.

There is under-deck lighting on most of the bridges within the project. Colored lighting under the I-4 Church Street overpass will provide a festive atmosphere and the colors will be adjustable to correspond to various events (i.e. purple for Orlando City soccer games, blue for Orlando Magic basketball, green for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, etc.).

There is landscape lighting at many locations such as in enhanced bridge planters and within interchanges. Various trees will have up-lighting. Areas such as Ivanhoe will undergo visible aesthetic improvements with new lighting features that will accentuate the updated landscape.


Landscaping features throughout the I-4 Ultimate Project will be updated to include native plants, which require less maintenance. Enhanced bridge supports through the project will include built-in planters for trees and other greenery.

The Kirkman Road area will see some of the most widespread landscaping along its various retention ponds, providing a welcoming sight for theme park visitors and others entering the southern part of the project.

The landscaping is diverse, with buffer trees, including holly and magnolia, as well as canopy trees, such as oak and elm. Flowering trees, including crepe myrtle, will add color. Palms are common throughout the area, and eight types of palms will be used on the project. Transitional trees, such as maple and cypress, and shrubs and colorful ground coverings, including plumbago and pink muhly, also will be planted. Most of these plants are low maintenance.

There will be decorative sidewalks in the downtown area.

Water features

Motorists will notice beautiful new water features throughout the corridor upon completion of the I-4 Ultimate Project. Planned locations for these features include the Ivanhoe area, the Maitland Boulevard and Kirkman Road interchanges, and downtown where I-4 connects to S.R. 408.

In addition to special water features, the entire project will feature many new or enlarged ponds for improved drainage.