Posted: February 4, 2019
Last modified: February 4, 2019

With more than 1,700 backhoes, bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, front-end loaders, asphalt pavers, light towers, mobile electronic signs, and much more to track and maintain, the I-4 Ultimate Equipment Management Team keeps very busy.

Indeed, the group operates 24/7 to support the project’s round-the-clock construction activities and the many crews who are building the 21-mile corridor that will transform Interstate 4 (I-4) in Central Florida.

Among the duties performed by the 20-member team are procuring and assigning equipment as needed and then tracking hours of usage, location of equipment, and ensuring all safety features are up-to-date. And if that weren’t enough, they also check maintenance schedules and perform on-site maintenance, including working on all cranes, whether owned by the team or rented.

The equipment management group is part of SGL – the construction joint venture team of Skanska, Granite and Lane for the I-4 Ultimate project. While some equipment repairs may require bringing in specialists that the team oversees, the group is responsible for seeing that all SGL-owned maintenance trucks are fully functional and supplied fuel, oil, and all the basic supplies necessary for field location maintenance and repairs. Team members also schedule operator training and review operator/equipment evaluations to ensure safety and minimize wear and tear on machinery.

While you might expect to find pickup trucks, SUVs, excavators, rollers, graders, trailers, pile-driving hammers, 500-gallon tanks, welders and pumps among the pieces of equipment for which the team is responsible. It surprises many to hear that the team also manages more than 30 barges and floatable work platforms and several small boats for working in and around the many lakes near the interstate.

The SGL Equipment Department is overseen by Equipment Manager Phil Hernandez, General Equipment Superintendents Garry Moores and Jason Wise and Senior Maintenance Engineer Michael Francis.