Posted: June 15, 2017
Last modified: June 13, 2017

Purpose: Helps first responders and the I-4 Ultimate team with traffic incident management by assisting with clearing roadways, lifting vehicles and cleaning spills.

Truck capabilities: Equipped with crane, powerful vacuum, mechanical sweeper, saws, winch, 50-gallon drums for waste and fuel-absorbing pads.

I-4 Ultimate Road Rangers and other first responders don’t always know what to expect when arriving at accident scenes or other incidents.

That’s why they have trucks that can assist in a variety of situations. The traffic-incident management trucks can lift vehicles, mop spills, vacuum a variety of materials, cut through metal wreckage or downed trees with powerful saws and carry off spilled fuels and oils to be recycled. They even hold gas-powered hedge trimmers and weed cutters in case it’s necessary to get through overgrown thickets.

With such an array of different tools and capabilities, it’s no wonder that Dave Yeager calls it “the Swiss army knife of trucks,” referring to the well-known pocket knives that feature screw drivers, little saws, can openers and other tools.

Yeager is the owner of Incident Management Solutions based in Minneola in Lake County. He sees part of his job as relieving first responders – including fire departments’ hazardous material crews. Once those emergency workers have secured the site and taken care of urgent needs, the I-4 Ultimate team usually can handle the remaining tasks. “If we finish up the work, then they can get back in service much quicker and be ready for their next call,” Yeager said.

The versatile trucks assist the team in many ways, said Joseph Morffi, Operations & Maintenance Manager for I-4 Ultimate and SGL – the construction joint venture of Skanska, Granite and Lane. “Without this kind of teamwork, we could not get the lanes reopened as quickly.”