Students apply their math, science and technology skills to the process of designing a bridge.


Posted: April 30, 2015
Last modified: January 19, 2017

Engineering students from Lyman High School had the unique opportunity to visit the I-4 Ultimate Hub office on March 23 to see firsthand how scientific principles apply to road construction. Students engaged with project staff on five modules: designing a cost-effective functional structure using bridge design software, learning how to load dirt into a dump truck using the Volvo excavator simulator, understanding the importance of safety, configuring the components of a maintenance of traffic plan and getting up close with a service patrol truck.

“It was definitely a worthwhile experience,” said Melinda Leftheris, MS, Ed.S, the guidance counselor/facilitator for the Lyman Institute for Engineering. The students certainly agreed, enthusiastically competing against one another to engineer an economical yet practical bridge and to load the most material into a dump truck.

“When I was in high school, there was no engineering magnet program,” said I-4 Ultimate Deputy Project Manager and Lyman High School graduate Jennifer Vreeland. “I am excited that these students are being given direction early on and that I can contribute to their perspective on civil engineering.”

The Lyman High Institute for Engineering aims to prepare students in the areas of engineering, math and science before they enter college. Hopefully, experiences like touring the hub office and experiencing civil engineering firsthand will prepare students for the future and what to expect as they continue their paths in the industry.