Posted: July 23, 2015
Last modified: January 19, 2017

Even before major changes are noticeable on the I-4 Ultimate project, thousands of professional truckers already are preparing to drive with extra caution and think about alternate routes.

As part of the Florida Trucking Association’s ongoing efforts to keep members and motorists safe, the group is tweeting messages and posting information on its Facebook site to keep drivers and fleet managers updated on changes coming to the 21-mile stretch of Interstate 4 (I-4).

“Safety and efficiency go hand and hand for professional drivers and for all of us,” said Marcela Romero, who handles communications for the association. “We are reminding our members that things are changing on I-4. If you need to plan alternate routes or different schedules, we want you to be aware before you hit the road.”

Romero said members of her group are hungry for any information that prepares them for their routes. “Knowing what lies ahead is key to keeping companies moving and people safe,” she said.

Florida Trucking Association’s membership includes companies with about 25,000 vehicles. That includes 135 trucking companies with fleets ranging from a handful of vehicles to several hundred trucks and another 150 companies that are considered “suppliers.” That refers to businesses that move their own products with their own vehicles, but do not hire out to haul goods or materials for others.