i-4 Ultimate

April 2019

* Configuration of EB I-4 Exit to South St. Expected to Open April 18
* Final Westbound I-4 Ramp at Maitland Blvd. Interchange to Open Soon
* When Driving I-4 at Night, Remember to Check Your Route Ahead of Time
* New I-4 Express Lanes Guide Illustrates Future Entrance and Exit Points
* 3 Interconnected Projects Lead Central Florida into the Future

New Configuration of EB I-4 Exit to South St. Expected to Open April 18


Progress on I-4 Ultimate construction in downtown Orlando is taking another leap forward, as the eastbound Interstate 4 (I-4) exit ramp to South Street is temporarily realigned to make room for construction.

The eastbound I-4 exit to South Street (Exit 82B) is temporarily combining with the exit ramp to State Road (S.R) 408 as soon as the morning of Thursday, April 18. The temporary configuration will move Exit 82B approximately one-quarter mile and combine it with Exit 82A. The exit ramp will consist of two lanes with the right lane continuing to South Street and the left lane heading toward S.R. 408.

This temporary ramp configuration will be in place for approximately 18 months, giving construction crews a safe workspace to demolish the old bridge over Division Avenue. The temporary ramp configuration is necessary to continue construction of the new eastbound I-4 travel lanes through downtown Orlando and to remove the old ramp bridge over Division Avenue.

To stay up to date on the schedule for this ramp change, visit i4ultimate.com/exit82.


Final Westbound I-4 Ramp at Maitland Blvd. Interchange to Open Soon


A new westbound Interstate 4 (I-4) on-ramp from the elevated lanes of eastbound Maitland Boulevard (State Road 414) is scheduled to open as soon as the week of April 22.

The new on-ramp will give Maitland-area motorists west of the I-4 interchange another route for accessing westbound I-4. The new on-ramp marks a major milestone for the I-4 Ultimate project, as it is the seventh and final ramp to and from westbound I-4 to be completed at the Maitland Boulevard interchange.

Motorists can access the new westbound I-4 on-ramp via an access ramp near the Keller Road intersection to the elevated lanes of eastbound Maitland Boulevard. From the elevated lanes of eastbound Maitland Boulevard, motorists will need to be in the far right lane to enter the westbound I-4 on-ramp.

Temporarily, this new ramp will ONLY be accessible from the Keller Road intersection. The new on-ramp replaces a ground-level frontage road leading from Keller Road to the existing westbound I-4 on-ramp. The existing westbound I-4 on-ramp will remain open, but will only be accessible from Lake Destiny Road.

Stay tuned to the I-4 Ultimate project for updates on the exact date when this new ramp is scheduled to open by:


When Driving I-4 at Night, Remember to Check Your Route Ahead of Time

I-4 closure scheduled this month for construction of the final section of the Wymore Road overpass between the cities of Maitland and Altamonte Springs.

As construction continues along the 21-mile corridor of the I-4 Ultimate project, closures of Interstate 4 (I-4) are occasionally required to hoist large girders for new overpasses.

In the coming weeks, several construction operations along the corridor will need I-4 closures:

Construction of the new Wymore Road and Central Parkway overpasses are entering the homestretch. Placement of bridge girders for the final sections of these bridges are scheduled this month. The following nightly I-4 closures are scheduled:

  • Eastbound I-4 closures between Maitland Boulevard (State Road 414) and State Road (S.R.) 436 are scheduled to occur at midnight through 5 a.m. on April 18, 19 and 20.
  • Westbound I-4 closures scheduled between Maitland Boulevard and S.R. 436 are scheduled to occur at midnight through 5 a.m. on April 18, 19, 20 and 21.
  • Eastbound I-4 closures between S.R. 436 and S.R. 434 are scheduled to occur at midnight through 5 a.m. on April 23–24.

To be notified when these I-4 closures occur, sign up for I-4 Ultimate advance and real-time construction alerts. With advance and real-time alerts, drivers can make informed decisions about when and where to travel during I-4 Ultimate construction. Visit http://i4ultimate.com/construction-info/alerts/ to sign up today.


New I-4 Express Lanes Guide Illustrates Future Entrance and Exit Points


When the I-4 Ultimate improvement project is complete, express lanes will provide new options on Interstate 4 (I-4) to help you get to where you’re going.

A new express lanes guide from the I-4 Ultimate project shows motorists where they will be able to enter and exit the express lanes. The guide also includes a section on frequently asked questions about how I-4 express lanes will operate.

To provide more predictable travel times for Central Florida drivers and manage traffic efficiently, two dynamically tolled express lanes are being added in each direction of I-4 from west of Kirkman Road (State Road 435) to east of S.R. 434.

Customers in the express lanes pay a dynamically priced toll. With dynamic pricing, toll rates increase as the express lanes become more congested. The tolls will be collected electronically via SunPass, E-PASS, or other interoperable transponder. The toll amount will be displayed on overhead electronic signs before each express lanes entrance so drivers have time to decide to use the express lanes or stay in the non-tolled general use lanes.

To learn more about I-4 Ultimate express lanes, view or download the I-4 Express Lanes Guide at i4ultimate.com/express-lanes/.


3 Interconnected Projects Lead Central Florida into the Future


Residents and motorists, who already are familiar with the I-4 Ultimate project, may soon begin to see and hear more about the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate project. At the same time, they may also hear that the Wekiva Parkway is linking to Interstate 4 (I-4) north of Lake Mary.

So, it’s natural for motorists to wonder how these three important projects taking place on major highways in Central Florida will connect and relate to each other.

In some ways, the answer is simple. All three are managed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and all three are designed to improve safety and mobility in Central Florida. Each also has its own very detailed website. Briefly stated, the three projects are:

  • I-4 Ultimate is the current 21-mile reconstruction of I-4 that stretches from the interchange with Kirkman Road (S.R. 435) in Orange County through downtown Orlando to the interchange with State Road (S.R.) 434 in Seminole County.
  • I-4 Beyond the Ultimate is a collection of design segments that will improve I-4 for another 20 miles on both ends of the I-4 Ultimate project. Two interim projects will start in 2019 in Seminole County to improve traffic flow on eastbound I-4 and extend the life of the I-4 travel lanes. In 2020, the first complete reconstruction of an interchange for I-4 Beyond the Ultimate is expected to begin at Sand Lake Road (S.R. 482). I-4 Beyond the Ultimate construction projects will match the look of I-4 Ultimate and will appear nearly seamless to motorists. But the improvements will move forward in smaller increments. In other words, construction will focus on a few miles at a time, rather than 20 or more miles at once.
  • Wekiva Parkway (Section 8) is the final part of the beltway system around Central Florida managed by FDOT and the Central Florida Expressway Authority. This section will connect to I-4 in Seminole County will complete the loop around Orlando and surrounding communities, improving safety, mobility and connectivity in the region.

These projects can be viewed in detail by going to the corresponding websites for I-4 Ultimate, I-4 Beyond the Ultimate, and Wekiva Parkway. The websites feature maps, artist renderings and more about construction activities and schedules.